• Luxury private offices and workspaces

    Live Phone Answering Services, Executive Assistants,

    Yoga Studio, Meditation Room, Workout Equipment, Ping Pong,

    Outdoor areas, Morning and Afternoon Snacks, Lattes & Cold Brew.

    Open 24/7, month-to-month, all inclusive monthly membership.

    Beverly Hills & Culver City
    Tours Given from 9-5 M-F
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  • Conveniently located in Beverly Hills & Culver City

    call us! 310-358-3358

  • What comes with memberships?

    All plans come with 24/7 access, no contracts, and no extra fees.

    6 different meeting spaces, wifi, voip, printing, mailbox services.

    All organic kitchen with espressos, lattes, teas, fruits & snacks.

    2 hours of live phone answering service, yoga classes, and more...

    Open Space



    3x a week: $195

    24/7 : $295


    Open Space



    With rolling lockable filing cabinet : $395


    Open Office

    for Teams


    5 Dedicated memberships : $1495

    Private Desk

    in Shared Office


    3x a week: $395

    24/7 : $495

    Dedicated Desk in Shared Office


    With rolling lockable filing cabinet : $595

    Private Office



    Office for 3 : $1495

    Office for 6 : $2495

    Office for 9 : $3495

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